It's no contest.

LabelOnce is paperless
Ever wish you could "cut" and "rewrite" labels written with a permanent marker as if you were using a word processor? You can with LabelOnce erasable, non-paper, permanent labels. It's much easier to keep labels organized because you're never tempted to peel off, make layers, or overwrite the old label. Writing and erasing on the glass-smooth surface of LabelOnce erasable labels is instant neatness.

LabelOnce products are based on the fact that standard permanent marker ink is not irrevocably permanent on our polymeric (translated: non paper) surface of file folder labels, food labels, hanging file indexes, and much more. It works like this:

1. Apply the LabelOnce label to something. (Just once!)

2. Write on the surface with a permanent marker.

3. The ink dries almost instantly.

4. The ink won't smear like whiteboard ink.

5. Erase the ink as needed with a LabelOnce eraser.

The ink comes off completely clean as often as you need. No more markouts, peeloffs, reprints, or label layers. All you get is "instant neatness" without ink ghosts.